Friday, December 01, 2006


Gift Donations

Mission Volunteers and Friends:
Our mission is only 11 days away and we are all getting very excited about the trip. I wanted to let you know about an opportunity for everyone to to participate in the mission - even if you won't be flying down to build homes with us.

On Wednesday December 13, volunteers from our mission will be visiting and handing out holiday gifts to the children at the Methodist Home, a halfway home in New Orleans for children who are no longer not safe living in their own homes or have been abandoned by their families. Please check out their website at

Our goal is to head down to NoLa with a duffel bag full of gifts for these kids. Of course, I would love for the bag to be full of Redskins paraphernalia, but at this point any type of gift would be great. That's where you guys can really help out:

If you would like to send a present down for one of these kids, please drop it off by me before 12/12 or send it to me at:
1400 20th Street, NW
Apt. 616
Washington, DC 20036

If you can't drop something off or won't be able to send anything but still would like to contribute somehow, please be in touch with me and we can figure something out. Also, if you know people with a surplus of children's gifts, please send them my way.

Thanks so much

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