Friday, November 17, 2006


Free Skins Tickets for Mission Volunteers

It is less than one month until we are headed down to New Orleans, and I wanted to make one last appeal for you all to join us. This is an awesome opportunity to do some good work and have an amazing time down in the Big Easy. Our mission leaves Tuesday December 12th and returns Sunday December 17th. You can still get reasonable airfare down to New Orleans, and once you're down there, accommodations are fairly cheap. The first 3 nights of the mission we will be staying at Habitat for Humanity's Camp Hope, which is only 20 dollars per day with food included. For the weekend, we have secured a group rate at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel downtown for 115 dollars per night (great rate for a French Quarter hotel).

I have also found out in the last two days (those already attending, please read), that the Redskins will most likely be providing a dozen free tickets to our mission volunteers. That means that if you pay your way down and work for a couple of days, you don't need to be worried about getting into the game - we have that covered for you. I hope for those of you who were still on the fence about coming this will move you towards committing to the trip.

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