Friday, November 17, 2006


Free Skins Tickets for Mission Volunteers

It is less than one month until we are headed down to New Orleans, and I wanted to make one last appeal for you all to join us. This is an awesome opportunity to do some good work and have an amazing time down in the Big Easy. Our mission leaves Tuesday December 12th and returns Sunday December 17th. You can still get reasonable airfare down to New Orleans, and once you're down there, accommodations are fairly cheap. The first 3 nights of the mission we will be staying at Habitat for Humanity's Camp Hope, which is only 20 dollars per day with food included. For the weekend, we have secured a group rate at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel downtown for 115 dollars per night (great rate for a French Quarter hotel).

I have also found out in the last two days (those already attending, please read), that the Redskins will most likely be providing a dozen free tickets to our mission volunteers. That means that if you pay your way down and work for a couple of days, you don't need to be worried about getting into the game - we have that covered for you. I hope for those of you who were still on the fence about coming this will move you towards committing to the trip.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Important Hotel Information

Mission Volunteers:
Thanks to our good friends at Redskins Road Trips (, we have been invited to secure hotel reservations under the group rate they received. The block of rooms will be at the Bourbon Orleans hotel in New Orleans French Quarter. The rate of the room is $115 dollars per night - and if you bunk with a friend you can split the cost two ways ($115 per person for the weekend). This is an amazing rate and the rooms are going fast, so please make your reservations ASAP. The block of hotel rooms is is reserved under Halter Travel - you must mention this group rate in order to get the discount. The hotel looks very nice and is in the heart of downtown, a perfect spot to be in for the weekend. I urge everyone to call the hotel ASAP and make reservations. The number is (504) 523-2222.

Also - if you still haven't made flight reservations or if you want to rent a car, you might want to check out Halter Travel's web site at

Also make sure to check out the Bourbon Orleans hotel web site at

Please be in touch if you have any questions.



Airfare to New Orleans

Hey Volunteers:

Now is about that time that airfares start jumping, so I really recommend you all book your flights as soon as possible. United has a very good deal right now from Dulles down to New Orleans - the roundtrip cost is $233, which is very reasonable. Here is the link to that roundtrip fare:*itn%2Ford%3DNEWREC,itn/air/united&airline=United&persons=1&air_avail=10&air_class=coach+%28lowest+avail.%29&depart=iad&dest.0=new+orleans&mon_abbr.0=Dec&date.0=12&hour_ampm.0=6+pm&mon_abbr.1=Dec&date.1=17&hour_ampm.1=6+pm&ecert_num=&rt_ow=Round+Trip&best_itins=2&return_to=best_itins&searchby=itins
The flight leaves Dulles Tuesday evening, December 12, around 530 and leaves New Orleans Sunday evening about 530. The Redskins/Saints game should end about 3PM - which leaves us enough time to hustle over to the airport. Its about a 20 minute ride from the Superdome.

I am working with the folks at Redskins Road trips to get us all in on there group rate at the hotel they'll be staying at in downtown New Orleans. Once I have that info, I will pass it along to you so you can book your room for Friday and Saturday night. The folks at Redskins Roadtrips ( are bringing a huge group down to the game, and have invited all the mission volunteers to their huge pre-game tailgate party at the Superdome. Last year they had 600 people on their big road trip, so expect to be in great company all weekend long!!!!

I also have one favor to ask of you all: can you please send me your names, phone number and basic contact info so I can compile a spreadsheet of all the mission volunteers. Please let me know if you have any questions and i'll do my best to help you out.


Monday, November 06, 2006


Mission Update

Volunteers and Potential Volunteers:
Redskins Fans Mission to New Orleans has secured a reservation to build homes at the Musicians Village from Wednesday December 13 through Friday December 15. The mission has also secured a reservation for mission volunteers to stay at Habitat for Humanity's Camp Hope the nights of December 12 through 14. Potential volunteers may now register to attend through me and do not have to go through the New Orleans Habitat office. Now that reservations have been secured, here are some next steps that need to be considered for volunteers:
1) Securing a flight - Because we do not have finalized numbers yet, it’s imperative that mission volunteers begin reserving their own flights down to NoLa. I think we will be too late if we wait before trying to make a group reservation. In terms of flight times, please look for an evening flight that will get you into New Orleans on Tuesday evening December 12. As for the return flight - please make sure you find a flight that will enable you to attend the Redskins/Saints game on Sunday - the game kicks off at noon local time and should end by 3PM. New Orleans Armstrong International Airport is 14.2 miles from the Superdome (about a 20 minute drive).
2) Hotel Reservation - We still might be able to secure a group discount at a downtown New Orleans hotel for the weekend, so I will begin looking into that possibility this week.
3) Rental Car - For those interested in renting cars, Habitat provides discounts at certain rental car companies. If you would like to discuss splitting a rental car for the week of the trip, please contact me over email. Camp Hope is about 20 minutes from Downtown, so a car might be helpful for those who want to go out on the town on Wednesday or Thursday evening - it might also be cheaper to split cab fares in those cases.
4) Camp Hope Forms - In order to stay at Camp Hope there are a few forms that need to be filled out by those attending the mission. I will be sending these forms to the volunteers over email in the coming days.
5) Securing Donations and Tickets - Now that the mission is set, it is time to start thinking about ways to raise money to subsidize the cost of the trip and pushing the Redskins to throw us free tickets for the big game on the 17th. I will also be following up this week with some ideas on how we can use the next month to help raise money to defray our costs.

I think that is it for now, please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006



If you have decided you are seriously committed to going down to New Orleans to build homes, it is time to sign up!!! I am working with Melissa Manuselis of New Orleans Habitat to begin the group registration process and secure reservations at Camp Home the nights of December 12-14. In order to begin registration I need everyone to be in touch with me ( and Melissa ( to let us know you’re ready to volunteer.

Once we have a finalized number and have made plans with Habitat, I will begin researching group rates for flights and hotels in New Orleans over the Weekend.

Once we have a set group, we can all begin marketing our Mission and soliciting donations for our cause.

Looking forward to an amazing experience,

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