Thursday, October 26, 2006


Redskins Fans Mission to Nola, December 12-17, 2006

Welcome to our Blog!
I am going to use this forum to keep everyone updated about our plans to head down to New Orleans the week of December 12-17 to build homes at the Musicians Village leading up to the Redskins week 15 matchup against the New Orleans Saints.

Thanks to Jason LaCanfora, I have received great feedback about getting a group of Redskins Fans together to head down to NoLa from DC to build homes through Habitat for Humanity. Ideally, everyone who participates in the trip will fly down on Tuesday, December 12th (in the evening) and build homes with Habitat for Humanity on Wednesday December 13th through Friday December 15th. Volunteers will take Saturday to tour the city and then attend the Redskins/Saints game on Sunday December 17th before heading back to DC. Volunteers will stay at Habitat's Camp Hope before moving to a downtown New Orleans hotel for the weekend.

Plans for the mission are still being made, so please use this blog as an opportunity to share ideas, offer help and let me know if you're interested in being part of this great cause. If we get enough fans to volunteer in the coming days, I will begin organzing a group flight and group hotel for the weekend.

Here are some helpful links to give you an idea of what the mission will be doing:

I am going to keep the blog updated as often as I can.
Thanks for all your great feedback and please use this forum as a way to contact me and give me your ideas and plans.


Just checked and it looks like flights from Dulles, BWI and National range from $200-$250, roundtrip from the 12th-17th.
Once we get a head count of people who want to come, we can start looking for a group rate or find someone who's willing to sponsor or subsidize us.

Scott I am down brother. Let me know if it is a go. So, I can make the proper arrangement with job, flight, and money. Thanks.
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